Blaze a new trail

Helen, Eddie & Ollie.


Eddie is agility and obedience enthusiast, a licensed therapy dog and an adventurer – always ready to go and up for anything.

I, his human, Helen, like to call myself just a passionate human who loves to dedicate her life to things in life that are "free" - nature, art, family, friends and her pets.



Mia, Joe, Archie & Asher.


I’m Mia, and Archie has been my adventure companion for the past two years.
We have recently added another explorer to our team, and we can’t wait to start spending time together in the great outdoors! Archie is the motivation behind my love of nature, it’s funny how dogs can bring out that side in you, isn’t it?!

Before getting Archie I would never have dreamed of spending my spare time doing outdoor activities and planning camping trips for our time away... fast-forward two years and I can’t imagine anything better! Archie’s infectious thirst for life is the reason we’ve decided to add Asher to the family, another four-legged bundle of love to make memories with.



Heather, Brian, Ellie &Kato.


Hi Friends! I am so honored to continue working with Hurtta as part of the Ambassador Team!
We are Heather, Ellie, & Kato, adventure enthusiasts based in stunning Washington State, USA. Our free time is spent exploring all the Pacific Northwest has to offer – from mountain peaks to coastal shores.
Ellie is our resident gremlin. She is a rescue mutt about 6 years old. Her favorite activity is whatever gets her the dirtiest. Rain? No hesitation! Mud? Mud? Game on! Ellie shines with personality. She is one hundred and ten percent, one hundred and ten percent of the time. There's a reason her nickname is Jumping Jellybean!

Kato is a 5 year old Shiba Inu. He is the ultimate couch potato, incredibly food motivated, and obsessed with winning over every human he greets. Despite his laziness, Kato is up for any adventure unless he deems it a pointless walk around the neighborhood.
We look forward to sharing our adventures with you.